Suggested Leadership Actions

Use these Inspect and Adapt activities to improve your teams' adoption of Agile.

We'll cover the following


  • Review the Domino Change Model and how it applies to your past or current change initiatives. In what parts of the model has your organization typically been successful, and where is there room for improvement?

  • Reflect on the innovation diffusion model and how it applies to your organization’s track record with pilot teams. Do you agree that your pilot teams have consisted of Innovators and Early Adopters? How representative have they been of the rest of your organization?


  • Based on a gap analysis between your current Agile adoption and the Domino Change Model’s categories, create a plan to improve performance in the gaps.

  • Based on the gap analysis between your current support for later adopters and the innovation diffusion model, create a plan to provide a level of support appropriate for your later adopters.

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