Suggested Leadership Actions

Use these Inspect and Adapt activities to provide support for predictability in your organization.

We'll cover the following


  • What is your particular business’s need for flexibility vs. predictability?

  • Does your business need strict predictability, or will looser predictability suffice?

  • Do your teams understand that the goal of Agile development is to support the needs of the business and that sometimes the business needs predictability?

  • Consider the practice of treating epics as budgets. How would that approach work on your teams?

  • Assess each of the projects in your portfolio according to the Cynefin framework. Are your teams being asked to estimate work that is inherently Complex?


  • Talk with your teams about your business’s need for predictability. Explain why it’s important to your business (if it is important).

  • For each Complex project, assess whether the project can be converted to Complicated. For those that remain Complex, shift your focus from prediction to exploration.

  • Ask your teams to refine their use of Agile practices to better support your business’s need for predictability, including treating epics as budgets

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