Suggested Leadership Actions

Use these Inspect and Adapt activities to better manage the Agile portfolio in your organization.

We'll cover the following


  • Reflect on what size feature, requirement, or project would be large enough to support calculation of cost of delay in your organization. Would using CoD and WSJF improve your teams’ feature-level planning or just project portfolio– level planning?

  • Examine your current project portfolio using CoD and WSJF. Obtain CoD information from your business and development duration from your teams. Calculate the total CoD of your current prioritization. Calculate the WSJF order for your portfolio, and then calculate what your overall CoD would be if you resequenced your portfolio in WSJF order.


  • Sequence your project portfolio using WSJF.

  • Consider applying the WSJF approach to smaller-grain items such as epics.

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