Suggested Leadership Actions

Use these Inspect and Adapt activities to assess the quality-related practices of your teams and help them improve.

We'll cover the following


  • Review your QA activities and when and where defects are found. Assess whether Agile practices would allow more defects to be found sooner.

  • Review the lists of open bugs for your projects. How many open bugs are there? Does the number imply that your projects are building up a backlog of latent defects as they go, without fixing them?

  • Ask your teams to show you their Definition of Done. Do they have a clear, documented definition, and are they using it? Do the details of the definition cumulatively amount to “releasable”?

  • Investigate whether your teams measure the percentage of rework on their projects and use it as an input for process improvement work.

  • What impediments exist between what your teams are doing today and getting to “releasable”? How can you help your teams address those impediments?


  • Based on your assessment of when and where defects are found, create a plan to shift your quality practices earlier.

  • Make a plan to reduce open bug counts on your projects and then to keep the counts low.

  • Work with your teams to measure the percentage of effort that’s going into rework on your projects. Monitor this percentage as part of your process improvement efforts.

  • Remove the impediments between what your team is doing today and getting to “releasable.”

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