Suggested Leadership Actions

Use these Inspect and Adapt activities to determine how processes are being improved and help further improvements.

We'll cover the following


  • Investigate whether your teams’ Scrum practice is consistent enough to form a baseline against which you can measure.

  • Review your team’s performance in their sprint reviews, retrospectives, and sprint planning. Are they taking advantage of these opportunities to Inspect and Adapt?

  • How well are you as a leader supporting your teams in improving, especially when balancing short-term delivery needs against longer-term improvement objectives?

  • Map your workflow and look for delays. Assess how much waste you have in your delivery process due to unnecessary delays.


  • Begin measuring the effect of process changes by using story points.

  • Encourage your teams to make consistent use of Inspect and Adapt during the relevant Scrum events.

  • Proactively communicate to your teams that retrospectives are important and that you support your teams making changes immediately, in the next sprint, based on findings in their retrospectives.

  • Visualize your teams’ work by using Kanban, and look for delays.

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