Suggested Leadership Actions

Use these Inspect and Adapt activities to review and improve your own performance as a leader.

We'll cover the following


Review your own performance as a leader:

  • Are you treating your Agile teams as black boxes, managing to their performance in meeting their commitments rather than managing details?

  • Have you expressed your “Commander’s Intent” clearly? Can your teams express a vivid, current definition of success for their work? Can they work for a few weeks without your involvement, if necessary?

  • Have you set clear and realistic priorities for your teams and communicated them?

  • Do you stay focused on your team’s throughput rather than their apparent level of activity?


  • Ask your teams to conduct a 360-degree review of your leadership performance according to the “Inspect” criteria above. Welcome your team’s feedback in a way that models learning from mistakes.

  • Based on the results of your self-evaluation and your team’s input, develop a prioritized list of personal leadership self improvement actions.

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