Suggested Leadership Actions

Use these Inspect and Adapt activities to ensure that your team structure is arranged for truly effective Agile.

We'll cover the following


  • Review the composition of your teams. Do your teams contain the expertise needed to make the vast majority of decisions within the teams?

  • Interview your team members to understand your teams’ de facto test organization (as opposed to what’s shown on the org chart). Are your teams effectively self-contained and doing their own testing, with or without embedded test specialists?


  • Based on the review of your team’s composition above, create a gap analysis that describes the skills that need to be developed in order for your teams to become self-managed.

  • Create a plan to revise the composition of your teams and/or develop missing skills so that each team can make its own decisions and develop toward becoming truly self-managing.

  • Make a plan to ensure the test function is incorporated as an integral part of your development teams.

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