Suggested Leadership Actions

Use these Inspect and Adapt activities to help your individuals maximize their capabilities and interactions.

We'll cover the following


  • Reflect on your organization’s approach to maximizing individual capability. Does the approach include ongoing development after each person is hired?

  • Review the time allowed by your organization for professional development. Considering the amount of time allowed, realistically, how much professional development can occur?

  • Interview your staff. How important are well-defined opportunities for professional growth to them? How satisfied are they with the current support they’re receiving from the organization?

  • Review the non-technical-related interactions in your organization. How effectively does your staff conduct meetings, work together, communicate to executives, and demonstrate other soft skills?

  • Reflect on the conflicts you see within your teams, technical or otherwise. How would you score the emotional intelligence level (EQ) of your staff?


  • Create a plan to allocate time regularly for professional development.

  • Through the use of Construx’s PDL (or some other approach), ensure that each person on your staff has a defined program for professional growth that is meaningful to them.

  • Create a plan for improving the interpersonal skills of the people on your teams, including learning about personality types, communicating throughout the organization, resolving conflict, and developing win-win outcomes.

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