C++ Standard Library including C++ 14 & C++ 17

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Course Overview

C++ is one of the most prominent programming languages in the world. Along with optimized performance, the diverse functionality it offers has kept the language relevant for two decades. The C++ Standard Library, which is the collection of all the tools and utilities available in C++, received its latest update in 2017... See more

Course Contents

2. The Standard Library

3. Overview

4. Application of Libraries

5. Utilities

6. Useful Functions

7. Adaptors for Functions

8. Pairs and Tuples

9. Reference Wrappers

10. Smart Pointers

11. Type Traits

12. Time Library

13. std::any, std::optional, and std::variant

14. Interface of All Containers

15. Sequential Containers

16. Associative Containers

17. Ordered Associative Containers

18. Unordered Associative Containers

19. Adaptors for Containers

20. Iterators

21. Callable Units

22. Algorithms

23. Non-Modifying Algorithms

24. Modifying Algorithms

25. More Algorithms

26. New Algorithms with C++17

27. Numeric

28. Strings

29. String View

30. Regular Expressions

31. Input and Output Streams

32. File Systems

33. Multithreading

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