DIY: Implement Trie

Solve the interview question "Implement Trie" in this lesson.

Problem statement

In this challenge, you have to implement the Trie data structure. This is a tree-like data structure used to store strings. The tries are also called prefix trees because they provide very efficient prefix matching operation. Your implementation of the trie should contain insert(), search(), and search_perfix() functions.


The input for all three of the functions mentioned above will be a string. The following is an example input:


You can assume that all inputs will be lowercase character strings with string length less than 100.


The insert() function does not return anything. The search() and search_prefix() will return true if the input was found in the trie. Otherwise, it will return false. The following is an example output:


Coding exercise

Using the skeleton code given below, you need to implement the Trie class with the __init__(), insert(string), search(string), and search_prefix(string) functions:

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