DIY: Sliding Window Maximum

Solve the interview question "Sliding Window Maximum" in this lesson.

Problem statement

For this coding exercise, you are given an array of integers. There is a sub-array (window slide) of size k, which moves from the extreme left to the extreme right of the given array. The sub-array size remains the same in the program’s complete execution, which is five in this problem. Each time, the sub-array shifts to the right by one position. Your job is to find the list of maximum values in each sub-array.


The inputs consist of an array of integers (array), the array’s length (size), and window slide length (k). The first sub-array starts at index zero of the given array.

array = [12,3,9,15,11,8,2,21,16,5]
size = 10
k = 5


The output is an array that contains a maximum value for each window slide.


Coding exercise

Implement the win_slide_max(array, size, k) function, where array is an integer array, size is the array’s length, and k is the size of the sub-array. The function will return the array that contains a maximum value for each sub-array.

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