DIY: Edit Distance

Solve the interview question "Edit Distance" in this lesson.

Problem statement

Given two strings, str1 and str2, you have to return the minimum number of edit operations that are required to convert str1 to str2.

Note: You are allowed to insert, delete, or replace characters for this conversion.


The input will be two strings. Here are some examples of the input to the function:

# Sample Input 1:
str1 = "intention", str2 = "execution"

# Sample Input 2:
str1 = "abdca", str2 = "cbda"

# Sample Input 3:
str1 = "passport", str2 = "ppsspqrt"


The output will be an integer. Here are some examples of the output:

# Sample Output 1:

# Sample Output 2:

# Sample Output 3:

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