Feature #1: Display Meeting Lobby

Implementing the "Display Meeting Lobby" feature for our "Zoom" project.


For the first feature of the Zoom application, we need to develop a display structure for the list of participants attending a Zoom meeting. As you know, the names of attendees in a Zoom meeting are displayed in alphabetical order. However, attendees can join or leave a meeting at random, so the order has to be updated continuously. To tackle this issue, Zoom has decided to store the names of attendees in a binary search tree (BST). Additionally, we are specifically working on a meeting’s “Gallery Mode” display., where the participants’ names/videos are paginated (divided into pages that can be scrolled). In this scenario, we will assume that only ten participants can be shown on one page.

Our task is to use the binary search tree containing the names of participants and implement the pagination. Whenever our function is called, the names of the next ten participants should be returned in alphabetical order. Consider the following binary search tree, which contains the names of meeting attendees:

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