Feature #2: Low Coverage Area

Implementing the "Low Coverage Area" feature for our "Cellular Operator" project.


In a busy city center, our cellular operator has surveyed a mall, which happens to be rectangular in shape. They have identified locations within the mall where cellular network signals are unacceptably low. The result of the study is stored in the form of a rectangular matrix of 0s and 1s. Each cell in the matrix corresponds to a unit area in the mall. If the value in a cell of this array is 1, it means the corresponding location in the mall does not have good network coverage. The operator is considering deploying small radio sites inside the mall. These sites use beamforming technology, which enables providing coverage to a rectangular region. We need to determine the rectangle with the largest area with unacceptable coverage throughout.

We’ll be provided with an m x n matrix of 0s and 1s. We have to find the area of the largest rectangle containing only 1s since that will represent the largest, low coverage, rectangular part of the mall.

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