Feature #12: Maintain Continue Watching Bar

Implementing the "Maintain Continue Watching Bar" feature for our "Netflix" project.


We are working on a new algorithm to suggest programs to watch first on a “Continue Watching” bar. When the user navigates to the browse page, we want to suggest programs on a “Continue Watching” bar based on the past viewing history. Each time the user navigates, we want to show newer seasons or episodes of shows that have been most-watched by the user.

The user can either clean up their watch history or binge-watch the shows. In this case, the algorithm should suggest the next most frequent show watched or does not suggest any show.

Your task is to design an algorithm that will keep track of the most-watched show. Each time the user navigates to the browse page, the algorithm will suggest the most frequently watched show and in case of a tie among two or more shows, we want to suggest the show watched most recently.

The algorithm will save the show’s name each time the user watches the show’s episode. The names that are saved the most, i.e., the most-watched show’s names, will be shown to the “Continue Watching” bar first.

Suppose, User watched multiple episodes of the following shows:

["Queen's Gambit", "Teen Wolf", "Bridgerton"]

The stack is maintained based on the number of episodes the user has watched of each show. Let’s illustrate how the shows will be recommended in the following illustration.

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