Feature #2: Merge Tweets In Twitter Feed

Implementing the "Merge Tweets In Twitter Feed" feature for our "Twitter" project.


For the next feature, you have to implement a module that adds a user’s Tweets into an already populated Twitter feed in chronological order. Let’s assume that userA just started following userB. At this point, we want userB's Tweets to show up in userA's Twitter feed. We already have a chronologically sorted list of Tweets that will appear on userA's feed. Your job is to merge it with the list of userB's Tweets, which are also chronologically sorted.

As input, you will be given two sorted integer arrays, feed and tweets. The integers represent the posting time of the Tweets. You are also given the number of elements initialized in both of the arrays, which are m and n, respectively.

Note: Assume that feed has a size equal to m + n such that it has enough space to hold additional elements from tweets.

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