Feature #3: Plot and Select Path

Implementing the "Plot and Select Path" feature for our "Uber" project.


After obtaining the closest drivers and calculating the cost of traveling on different roads, we need to build a functionality to select a path from the driver’s location to the user’s location. All the drivers have to pass through multiple checkpoints to reach the user’s location. Each road between checkpoints will have a cost, which we learned how to calculate in the previous lesson. It is possible that some of the k chosen drivers might not have a path to the user due to unavailability. Unavailability can occur due to a driver already being in a ride that has ended but not reached its location. In some cases, the driver can also get booked by another user and become unavailable. The driver that has the path to the user’s location with the minimum accumulated cost will be selected.

We’ll be given a city map GMap as a list of different checkpoints. Another list pathCosts, at each index, will represent the cost of traveling between the corresponding checkpoints in GMap. We are also given some drivers, where each drivers[i] represents a single driver node. We need to determine whether a path from the driver node drivers[i] to a user node exists or not. If the path exists, return the accumulated sum of the checkpoints between the two nodes. Otherwise, return -1.

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