Feature #5: Compilation Step Failure

Implementing the "Compilation Step Failure" feature for our "Language Compiler" project.


Large software consists of many source files and libraries. The software as a whole can only compile if all the constituent files compile successfully with the required libraries. The multi-file compilation is generally structured as a number of build steps that must be performed sequentially so that the dependencies of files and libraries are met. An individual build step can include the compilation of a source file or library.

Assume that we are working with a system that specifies the build as steps 1 through n, and the steps must be performed in ascending order. If a build step fails, repeating all the build steps is inefficient. The successful steps should not be repeated. When a build fails, we get an error message, but we don’t know which step failed. We have access to an API call, ErrorReport::isFailingStep(i), which returns true if build step i failed. Otherwise, it will return false. If there was a total of forty steps and step 28 failed, the compilation will stop, and ErrorReport::isFailingStep(i) will return true as long as i >= 28. We want to efficiently determine the first build step that must be repeated.

For instance, if we have n = 40 steps and the steps 28 to 40 fail. The API call ErrorReport::isFailingStep(i) will give True for 28 to 40. Our module should then use these resources to output the first step that failed, i.e., 28.

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