Introduction to API Product Management

Get a brief introduction to API product management.

We'll cover the following

What will we learn?

Product management is a relatively new discipline, but it has taken the industry by storm. There are over 280,000 product management jobs posted just on LinkedIn as of writing of this course, and the average salary of a product manager is $113,446 per year as of 2022. But what is product management? What do product managers do? How does one become a product manager?

In this category, we'll dive into the role of a product manager and look at the various functions that this role collaborates with, along with the types of product management roles and specializations that exist. We'll learn about some foundational concepts in product management that all product managers must know and then dive into how to apply these concepts to API product management.

We'll cover these main concepts:

  • The role of the product manager.

  • Types of product managers.

  • Responsibilities of an API product manager.

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