Developing customer empathy maps and analyzing user needs helps us understand our customers.

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What did we learn?

Previously, we learned how to map the developer journey and figure out who our customers are. In this chapter, we learned how to go a step further and create customer empathy maps and conduct qualitative and quantitative research to identify customer use cases and pain points. Using the framework in this chapter, we can create artifacts such as empathy maps, as well as gather the data we need to align with our stakeholders.

When building complex products, it is often easy to lose sight of the end customer. We need to align our team and all the stakeholders with the vision of driving customer value and driving success. Establishing a method of continuous user research that lets us learn more about different customer segments and personas and gain a deeper understanding of the pain points of these personas will be key to making sure that everyone on the team has the same understanding of the customer.

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