Wrap up

Congratulations on completing this course, and now, let’s summarize the salient points.

We'll cover the following

What did we learn?

Through the chapters of this course, we learned about the role of the API product manager, API lifecycle, maturity models, customer journey, designing effective API experiences, infrastructure, and business and product metrics for APIs. These frameworks enable us to get the insights that we can use to set an effective product strategy for our APIs.

Putting together a product strategy can be challenging, but bringing together market research and customer stories enables us to establish an inspiring mission and vision that our team will be excited to work toward. While well-defined long-term goals will help us communicate to our stakeholders how we plan to realize the vision for our product, short-term goals help various teams involved with our product to plan their work and find alignment as they work towards shared goals.

APIs are no different from any other products. We have a unique opportunity to bring customer empathy and data-driven decision-making to the rapidly evolving world of API products, and we hope this course has provided us with the structure and frameworks to do so!

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