Introduction to Deep Dive into Key Metrics for API Products

Learn about the product’s primary goal: delivering value to customers through easy discovery, utility comprehension, and effective usage.

The goal of any product is to drive value for its customers. If customers can discover our product, easily understand the utility it provides, and start using it effectively in a way that they find valuable, our product has successfully achieved its goal.

We previously learned about the roles and responsibilities of an API product manager and how to build, grow, maintain, and support APIs as products, and about the developer journey and how the consumers of API products discover, evaluate, integrate, test, and measure the APIs they consume. Now that we have a deep understanding of the customer, we can start to think about metrics that can measure various aspects of a product across producers and consumers. We'll learn to manage APIs methodically and learn about the levers we have to improve these metrics so that our product can be successful.

Translating touchpoints to measurable metrics

Using steps of the customer journey to establish metrics to measure a product’s performance is a useful approach because it allows us to understand how customers interact with our product and identify areas for improvement. By identifying and tracking metrics that correspond to each stage of the customer journey, we can gain a deeper understanding of how customers interact with our product and identify areas for improvement. This can help to improve the overall customer experience and drive growth for the business.

Earlier, we broke down each interaction the customer has with a product into individual touchpoints; now we'll learn to measure each of these steps and identify patterns in user behaviors that work in favor of or against our product goals. By following the developer journey, we can identify the different steps customers take to successfully use our product. In this process, we'll also be able to identify where our customers struggle. In this section, we'll learn to translate the steps of the developer journey into a measurable conversion funnel and the methods to identify signals, such as activation, engagement, retention, and scale.

Across the user journey, users go through discovering a product, learning and adopting the product, and then either scaling or declining their usage. All of the components of the API experience drive the discovery and adoption of API products.

A holistic approach to analytics

There are three core dimensions to API product analytics that measure a product across all aspects of the customer journey—infrastructure, product, and business—as shown in the following illustration.

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