Here are some concluding remarks to the course. Best of luck in your role as a manager!

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That’s all folks

Wow, is this really the end of our time together? We’re at the end of the chapter and also at the end of the entire course. Before I get emotional, let’s quickly review what you learned in this chapter:

  • We saw that having a compelling vision for the future, backed by a short-term actionable plan, is a key ingredient for the success and happiness of you and your staff.

  • We went through a multistage exercise in which you were able to create these for yourself, culminating in a skills backlog that you can continually work on.

  • Then, we looked at how you can provide this same exercise for your staff through a series of coaching sessions. You can be more than just their manager. You can be their career coach too.

In the Before We Begin chapter, we said that the technology industry was facing a skills crisis, not because we don’t know how to write code, but because we don’t know how to manage humans. I hope that you now feel like you’re on your way to being a confident, productive, effective manager, ready to make a real difference in the lives of your staff. What’s more, is that you’re in a great position to help others who may want to take the same path as you. One by one, we can make the technology industry better.

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