People Leaving Is Normal

Learn why leaving the company is normal for employees in the tech industry and how to cope with it as a manager.

Turnover rate in modern times

Firstly, let’s dispel a myth: it’s completely normal for people to leave your team, your department, and your company. In 2018, based on LinkedIn data, it was reportedMichael Booz. These 3 Industries Have the Highest Talent Turnover Rates. LinkedIn. 2018, March. that the tech sector in the United States has a yearly turnover rate of 13.2%, the highest of any business sector. This is even higher than the retail sector, which was the second highest at 13%. Think about that for a second. If your department has 1,000 staff, by the end of the year, on average, you’ll be down to 868 staff through attrition alone. This is a lot of hiring to keep the department the same size. As you saw in the Join Us chapter, hiring people is hard work. Therefore, if people leave, you want to make sure that it’s for the right reasons.

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