Final Interview

Learn about the final stage of the interview process before moving on to make the final offer.

We'll cover the following

Technicalities of the final interview

Assuming your candidate has made it to the final interview, you should have a strong feeling that you’d like to hire them. The final interview is primarily about:

  • Spending more time getting to know them
  • Discussing their take-home test to understand more about how they tackled the problem (assuming they did one)
  • Letting others interview them to ensure the opinion of the initial interviewers is cross-referenced, valid, and less subject to your own biases
  • Clearing up any questions you had in the previous interview
  • Depending on the size of your company, meeting the CTO or CEO in case they want to pop in and say hello, let your candidate know if this is part of the plan because it can be intimidating!

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