Your Vision

Learn about the role of "Vision" in your career progression.

In an ideal world, every job that you have should be a meaningful step toward the vision that you have for yourself in the future. Where you work right now has the opportunity to be a career-defining place to work as long as your short-term and long-term trajectories are in alignment.

We’ll begin by focusing on this vision. This is where so many people struggle, often for two reasons:

  • They don’t dream big enough, and severely underestimate what the future could hold for them.
  • They aren’t clear enough about the vision so that it has a compelling, magnetic force that propels them toward it.

So, that’s the place where we’re going to start.

How did you get here?

No matter where you are right now, the journey you took, in hindsight, probably wasn’t what you would have predicted. But first, did you make that coffee? If not, grab one. Get your pen and paper and draw a line similar to the one in the following diagram.

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