Preparing the PIP

Learn how to prepare an effective performance improvement form.

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Guidelines to prepare the PIP

If you think that it’s time to intervene with a PIP, make sure that you talk to your HR team and your manager before going any further. They will have invaluable advice. Assuming that a PIP is a solution that they suggest, then you’ll need to do the following:

  • Outline the employee’s current job description for clarity.

  • Consider the performance or behavioral issue that you are seeing. You should provide evidence that backs up your claims, referring to the job description. For example, if their work is not up to the required standard, how are you able to show that? Are they missing deadlines? Is bad code being deployed to production regularly? Have there been any formally reported behavioral incidents? Remember that you need evidential claims, not just speculation. Is there evidence that you have spoken to them before about it? Check your one-on-one notes.

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