Workplace Politics

Learn how to handle workplace politics and why they come across in an organization.

What is workplace politics?

We’ve looked at the intricacies of handling information. However, the information that you handle is just a small subset of all of the information that is flowing around the company at any given time.

Wikipedia defines the word politics as the way that people living in groups make decisions. Building software is all about making decisions, like what to build, how to build it, who should build it, how to market it and sell it, and also what not to build.

However, the word politics, itself, probably doesn’t make you think of a political scientist observing behaviors in a local community. Instead, I assume you think of campaign trials, elections, and political parties. We are united and divided by differing ideologies. Companies have their own internal ideologies and culture that encode how they treat people, make decisions, and get things done.

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