DIY: Is Graph Bipartite?

Solve the interview question "Is Graph Bipartite?" yourself in this lesson.

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Problem statement

In this challenge, you will be given an undirected graph. Your task is to determine if this graph is bipartite or not.

A graph is bipartite if we can split its set of nodes into two independent subsets, A and B, such that every edge in the graph has one node in A and another node in B.


An undirected graph is given as input. This graph will be represented by a 2D array such that graph[i] will contain an array of indices j for which the edge between nodes i and j exists. Each node in the graph is denoted by integers from 0 to graph.length-1.

For example, the input can be:

graph = [[1], [0, 3], [3], [1, 2]]

This graph can be illustrated as:

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