Feature #4: Maximum Profit

Implementing the "Maximum Profit" feature for our "Stock Scraper" project.


We have now extracted the stock increase and decrease percentages over a number of consecutive days. This will be represented as an array of numbers, one for each consecutive day, holding the increase or decrease in stock price on the given day. We can use this data to find the maximum profit that could have been made for the given time period. Sometimes, the maximum profit might be negative, indicating a period of minimum loss. For simplicity and to avoid fractional values, we are rounding the increase and decrease percentages to their nearest value.

We’ll be provided with an array of positive and negative integers. The indexes will indicate the day number and the integer value will indicate the stock increase or decrease percentage on that day. We have to return the maximum value that can be obtained by adding the subarray elements.

Let’s try to understand this better with an illustration:

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