Get introduced to the signs of poor performance in the workplace, including reduced work quality, unprofessional conduct, and decreased interaction with the colleagues.

Greeshma frowned as she looked at the dashboard for the project. Joshua's stories—again—were failing to meet their standards. Bugs kept showing up in almost all of his stories, and Joshua's teammates were beginning to quietly complain to her. “It's not that I don't like the guy,” Adam said, “It's just that every time I step into his code, I can spot three things he should've accounted for, and when I look at the unit tests, sure enough, he doesn't test for any of them. I end up having to do twice the work to get my story done every time I have a story that builds on stuff that Joshua wrote.”

“And it's not like we haven't talked about this,” Greeshma muttered to herself. “I brought it up to him in the last performance review.” With a deep sigh, Greeshma began an email to Morgan, her HR partner, to “kick it up a notch” and hopefully get his attention that this was serious—with serious ramifications.

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