Investigate, Review, Reflect, Act

Use these experiential prompts to prepare for and better enact your performance management.

Each chapter in this course (including this introduction) ends with a set of interactive, experiential prompts to help you better understand and enact performance management for your team or teams. These prompts are a crucial complement to the course's lessons because they help you discover issues and address realities related to your unique context. Here's the first set to get you started for the course.

Choose a notebook

Before you go further in this course, if you haven’t already, choose a notebook in which to keep notes. Unlike other Educative courses in which we can “test your understanding” by presenting you with code, in management, much of the understanding is cerebral and difficult to test. You’re going to want to test yourself by taking notes, retaking notes, and spending a few moments during the day reviewing your notes and your thoughts.

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