Investigate, Review, Reflect, Act

Use these experiential prompts to prepare for and better enact your performance management.

Investigate your organization's metrics

Find out—if you don’t know already—what metrics are in place for your organization. Ask your manager or your skip-level manager (your boss’s boss) for whatever details can be shared with you. Next, ask somebody in a non-software part of the organization, such as HR, finance, sales, or marketing, what their metrics are.

Reflect on your past metrics

Spend a few moments in your notes and write down software metrics that you personally have been held to over the years. With the clarity of hindsight, make a note of the pros and cons of each of these metrics. Consider the following questions:

  • Were they all easily measured?

  • Were some too subjective?

  • How could the metric be abused? If your entire salary was dependent on this one metric, how would you make the most money for the least work?

  • If that metric were abused, how badly would the team/project/company be damaged?

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