Here, we are going to create the class diagram for our system on the basis of requirements that we gathered in one of the previous lessons. In the class diagram, we will first design and create the classes, abstract classes, and interfaces for the system, and then we’ll identify the relationship between classes in accordance with all the requirements of the hotel management system.

Components of a hotel management system

In this section, we’ll define the classes for a hotel management system. Since we are following the bottom-up approach to designing a class diagram, we will create the classes of small components first. Next, we will integrate these components and create the class diagram for the entire hotel management system.

Address and Account

The Address is a class that is required to store any address. The Address is a custom data type that has attributes like a street address, city, etc. In the hotel management system, this class will be used to specify the address of the users and the hotel.

Account is a class that is used to store the account information of the user. This class has three members, i.e., account ID, password, and the status of the account. The class representation of Address and Account classes is as follows:

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