Getting Ready: The LinkedIn System

Understand the LinkedIn problem and learn the questions to simplify this problem further.

Problem definition

LinkedIn is an employment-focused social network platform to manage the user's professional identity. This platform is primarily used to facilitate its users. It helps them find new opportunities, grow their careers, and connect with the people they know and trust professionally. Moreover, this platform allows employers to post jobs. It allows job seekers to post their resumes to find the best employment match for themselves. Therefore, LinkedIn is used for career development and professional networking.

LinkedIn allows both workers and companies to create profiles and pages, respectively. The LinkedIn users' profile page represents their education, experience, skills, achievements, and recommendations. LinkedIn also allows its users to create posts regarding a topic of interest, comment on a post, invite other users to become a connection, message other users, and create groups to form a community of similar users. LinkedIn generates a personalized feed for its users based on their connections, job, work, and education history, liked pages, groups, and the content they engage with to ensure the best experience.

LinkedIn is very similar to Facebook in terms of its layout and design. These features are more specialized because they cater to professionals. However, if we know how to use Facebook or any other similar social network, we may find LinkedIn familiar.

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