Getting Ready: Amazon Locker Service

Understand the Amazon Locker service problem and learn the questions to further simplify this problem.

Problem definition

Amazon is an online retail platform that allows its customers to place orders and buy products online. There are times when the customer is not available in the particular location to pick up the order. In such a case, Amazon Locker can be one of the most secure way of delivery.

Amazon Locker is also known as Amazon Hub or Amazon Hub Locker. It is a fully automated package delivery service provided by Amazon. Customers can choose any locker location as their delivery address and pick up the package from that location at no additional cost. In particular, when a customer places an order and chooses to get their item delivered to locker service, the system suggests the nearest available locker based on preferences. The order is packaged and placed in the locker. The customer gets the notification containing the code to open the locker, and they can pick up the package using that code within a valid amount of time. This is how the Amazon Locker service functions.

This problem is applicable to any retailer who wants to deliver goods safely to their customers.

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