Now, we’ll create the class diagram for the car rental system on the basis of the given requirements. In the class diagram, we will first identify classes (concrete, abstract, or associated) and interfaces for the system. Then, we will determine the relationship between them, according to the requirements in the previous lesson.

Components of a car rental system

As mentioned earlier, we’ll design the car rental system using a bottom-up approach.

Address and person

The Address is a custom data type that is required to store any address. The Address contains attributes like a street address, city, state, etc. In the car rental system, this class will be used to specify the address of any person or a car rental location or branch. The Person class stores information related to a person like a name, email, phone number, and address. In the Person class, there is an object of the Address type to specify the person’s address. The class representation of Address and Person is given below:

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