Getting Ready: Vending Machine

Understand the vending machine problem and learn the questions to further simplify this problem.

Problem definition

A vending machine is an automated machine. The machine provides items, including snacks, chocolates, and beverages to consumers. There are multiple racks inside the vending machine with products on each rack. A user inserts money into the machine, selects the rack number from which they want to buy a product, and presses the button. A vending machine dispenses the product to the users based on the amount of money inserted and the selection of the product.

Modern vending machines were first developed in England in the early 1880s and dispensed postcards. Today, there are specialized vending machines that provide specific products. The vending machine is a 24x7 standalone unit that requires a standard power supply connection to function. It consists of electromechanical systems that help automate the entire vending process. Therefore, its basic function is to flawlessly issue users with a diverse range of products.

The diagram below elaborates on the process of product purchasing using the vending machine:

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