An activity diagram is a communication diagram that is used to show the dynamic aspects performed by a system. This diagram is used to represent a series of actions, similar to how they may appear in a flowchart.

Purpose of activity diagram

Much like the previously discussed UML diagrams, activity diagrams are also used to show the sequence through which events occur in the system. Activity diagrams differ from other UML diagrams in that they specifically capture the message flow for each activity on to the next. These may look like flowcharts in appearance, but in execution, they can be much more. They can show various flows, such as single, parallel, concurrent, and branched.

Components of an activity diagram

Various components make up an activity diagram. Let's discuss some of the essential features of this diagram that appear most often.

Initial: This represents the start of the workflow of the activity diagram. They can be visualized as the node in a tree structure.

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