Getting Ready: Library Management System

Understand the library management system problem and learn the questions to simplify this problem.

Problem definition

A library management system (LMS) aims to automate all library activities. It is a software that helps manage all the primary functions of library management. With the help of a library management system, we can organize, handle, and maintain the record of numerous books and the members in a comprehensive and systematic way.

A librarian can use this software to track the number of books in the library. They can also use it to retain several records including, the new books, borrowed books with due dates, the member who borrowed books, returned books, fine on the late returned books, etc. In short, the library management system stores and updates the complete library database.

LMS also supports maintaining the physical library. The user can keep track of the position of the book in the library and can search for whether or not the specific book is currently available in the library. Therefore, LMS helps organize and retrieve library data in an efficient manner.

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