Activity Diagram for the Restaurant Management System

Create some activity diagrams for the restaurant management system problem.

Activities diagrams are a great way to visualize the flow of messages from one activity to the other in the system. There can be different activity diagrams that we can create for our restaurant management system. In this lesson, we’ll create activity diagrams for the following two activities:

  • Place the order

  • Activity challenge: How to cancel the order

Place the order

The following are the states and actions that will be involved in this activity diagram.


Initial state: A guest arrives at the restaurant and asks for a table.

Final state: The guest successfully placed a food order.


The guest arrives at the restaurant reception and asks for a table. The receptionist checks for table availability. The guest will sit at the table if the table is available. If the table is unavailable, the guest will wait for a free table.

The waiter will appear with the menu when a guest sits at the table. The guest will decide to order from the menu. The waiter will send it to the kitchen.

Based on the order above, the activity diagram of the table booking and the food order are shown below:

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