Activity Diagram for the Library Management System

Create some activity diagrams for the library management system problem.

Activities diagrams are a great way to visualize the flow of messages from one activity to the other in the system. There can be different activity diagrams that we can create for our LMSLibrary Management System. For the sake of this lesson, we will create activity diagrams for the following three activities:

  • Check out a book from the library.

  • Return a book to the library.

  • Activity challenge: Renew a book from the library.

Check out a book from the library

The following are the states and actions involved in this activity diagram.


Initial state: The member selects a book and initiates checkout.

Final state: There are two final states present in this activity diagram, shown below:

  • The member completes the checkout process successfully, and the book will be allocated to the member.

  • An error occurred during the checkout process due to book unavailability or issue book limit exceeds.


The member selects a book and enters the ID. The system will perform a few checks like book availability, the max limit of the member, and book reservations. If all checks are clear, then the book will be issued. Otherwise, the system will show an error message.

Based on the order shown above, the activity diagram of a checkout book from the library is given below.

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