Getting Ready: The Hotel Management System

Understand the hotel management system problem and learn the questions to further simplify this problem.

Problem definition

The hotel management system is a software used to manage all hotel activities efficiently and smoothly. Almost all popular hotels have an online management system to digitize the process of booking rooms, managing staff, and performing other necessary hotel management features. Through this system, the notification and payment process is made flexible and automated. In the hotel, there is usually a fixed number of rooms, and the booking system has information about all rooms present and their availability.

For the hotel manager, controlling all the hotel activities manually is a difficult task. With the help of an online hotel management system, the manager can keep track of rooms, customers, and workers through a single portal. The manager can also post available rooms to the system and generate bills. The system also allows customers to search for and book a room of their choice and cost range. The system provides complete information about rooms to the customers so they can view the available rooms and book them online. The guest is charged on the basis of the time duration the hotel room is booked. In this way, the system facilitates both customers and the manager of the hotel.

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