Requirements for the Meeting Scheduler

Learn about all requirements of the meeting scheduler.

We'll cover the following

In this lesson, we'll list the requirements of the meeting scheduler. This is a very crucial step, since requirements define the scope of a problem, so getting them right from the interviewer and understanding them well will make the design of the rest of the system smooth and easy.

We’ll use the notational convention to identify each requirement with a unique label "Rn", where "R" is short for Requirement and "n" is a natural number.

Requirement collection

The requirements for the meeting scheduler design problem are defined below:

R1: There should be an nn number of meeting rooms.

R2: Each meeting room should have a specific capacity to accommodate the desired number of people.

R3: If not reserved already, each meeting room should have the ability to be booked, along with setting an interval, a start time, and an end time for the meeting.

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