Feature #4: Copy Product Data

Implementing the "Copy Product Data" feature for our "Amazon" project.


Amazon has acquired a grocery shopping website and is now integrating grocery shopping into their own website. In order to bootstrap their own site’s grocery section, they want to derive item relationships from the sales data of the company they acquired. The items in the affiliate’s store are stored as a linked list. For each product, we also have a pointer to the item that is most frequently bought with it. For example, the item most frequently bought with bread is eggs. In this example, the node for bread has a pointer to the node for eggs, in addition to whatever element is next in the list.

Now, you have been assigned the task of taking this linked list and making a deep copy of it for the new online store. The list’s Node will contain the following attributes:

  • prod: The ID of the product
  • next: Points to the next product in the list.
  • related: Points to the product most frequently bought with the current product; this could also be empty if enough sales data about the product is not available.

The following illustration shows how products are mapped to IDs for the example we will be discussing below:

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