Feature #5: Maximum Contiguous Area

Implementing the "Maximum Contiguous Area" feature for our "Cellular Operator AT&T" project.


In a busy city center, our cellular operator surveyed a mall, which was rectangular in shape. They identified locations within the mall where cellular network signals were satisfactorily high. The result of the study was stored in the form of a rectangular grid of 0s and 1s. Each cell in the matrix is found to correspond to a unit area in the mall. If the value in a cell of this matrix is 1, then this means that the corresponding location in the mall has satisfactory network coverage.

Given an m x n rectangular grid, representing the network coverage in the unit areas, we want to determine the maximum contiguous area with satisfactory coverage.

The maximum contiguous area corresponds to the 4 directionally adjacent (horizontal and vertical) cells with high network coverage, that is, the cells with the value 1 in them.

Let’s review a few examples:

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