Exercise 2: Working with REST APIs

Let’s test our understanding by attempting this challenge.

We'll cover the following

Let’s practice what we’ve learned so far. The solution to this exercise will be provided in the next lesson.


Change the restdb package (restdb.go) to support SQLite instead of PostgreSQL, then execute the useRestdb.go code provided in the playground below. Additionally, ensure that the create_db.sql and useRestdb.go files are adjusted accordingly. Subsequently, run the provided useRestdb.go code within the playground environment.

Following are the commands required to execute the useRestdb.go code:

Note: The restdb.go code file needs to be present in the $GOROOT/src directory so that it can be imported as a package in the useRestdb.go code.

  • To copy the restdb.go file in the $GOROOT/src/restdb directory, enter the following:

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