Let’s get an overview of concurrency in Go.

We'll cover the following

Go concurrency model

The key component of the Go concurrency model is the goroutine, which is the minimum executable entity in Go. Everything in Go is executed as a goroutine, either implicitly or explicitly. Each executable Go program has at least one goroutine, which is used for running the main() function of the main package. Each goroutine is executed on a single OS thread according to the instructions of the Go scheduler, which is responsible for the execution of goroutines. The OS scheduler does not dictate how many threads the Go runtime is going to create because the Go runtime will spawn enough threads to ensure that GOMAXPROCSGOMAXPROCS is an environment variable or configuration setting that plays a crucial role in optimizing Go programs for parallel execution. GOMAXPROCS determines the maximum number of logical processors or CPUs that the Go runtime will use to execute Go code concurrently. threads are available to run Go code.

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