Recap: Code Testing and Profiling

Let’s look at a chapter summary and take a short quiz to test our understanding of this chapter’s content.


This chapter discussed go:generate, code profiling and tracing, benchmarking, and testing Go code. You might find the Go way of testing and benchmarking boring, but this happens because Go is boring and predictable in general, and that is a good thing! Remember that writing bug-free code is important, whereas writing the fastest code possible is not always that important.

Most of the time, we need to be able to write fast enough code. So, spend more time writing tests than benchmarks unless our code runs really slowly. We have also learned how to find unreachable code and how to cross-compile Go code.

Although the discussions of the Go profiler and go tool trace are far from complete, we should understand that with topics such as profiling and code tracing, nothing can replace experimenting and trying new techniques on our own!

Quiz on code testing and profiling

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