GitHub Actions and Go

Let’s learn about GitHub actions and Go.

This lesson will use GitHub Actions to push a Docker image that contains a Go executable file in Docker Hub.

Note: In order to follow this lesson, you must have a GitHub account, create a dedicated GitHub repository, and store the related files there.

We will begin with a GitHub repository that contains the following files:

  • .gitignore: This is an optional file that’s used for ignoring files and directories during git push operations.

  • usePost05.go: This is a sample Go file that uses an external package—please refer to the repository for its contents.

  • Dockerfile: This file is used for creating a Docker image with the Go executable. Please refer to for its contents.

  • As before, this is a Markdown file that contains information about the repository.

In order to set up GitHub Actions, we need to create a directory named .github and then create another directory named workflows in it. The .github/workflows directory contains YAML files with the pipeline configuration.

The figure below shows the overview screen of the workflows of the selected GitHub repository:

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